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Glass Doors

If you're considering installing a pet door for your companion animal, an in-glass pet door provides excellent options. These doors are highly versatile as they are designed to be installed directly in the glass. They can be fitted into sliding glass doors, French doors, storm doors, and even windows, allowing you to create a pet-friendly exit anywhere in your home. In-glass pet doors are suitable for dogs, cats, and other furry friends who need the freedom to come in and out of your house.


To install an in-glass pet door, our experts will determine the appropriate size for your pet. The current glass door is then measured, and a custom piece of tempered safety glass (with the option of Low-E glazing) is manufactured. The new custom glass is then installed to replace the existing glass in your door, the original glass is packaged in protective foam and can be stored wherever you prefer. This process ensures that your pet door is seamlessly integrated, and the glass door can be restored to its original condition.

  • Versatile installation in various types of doors and windows

  • Seamless integration into the glass

  • Custom piece of tempered safety glass

  • Normal functioning of locks and security system sensors

  • Removable for renters

  • Reduces destructive behaviors and accidents, ideal for puppies, senior dogs, or multiple dogs

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